Cade by Liliana Hart


                      Okay this is the sixth book in The McKenzie family series and this is only the second one in this series that I have read and I loved it, it was so sexy and exciting. Cade is riddled with guilt from his past over the death of his lover and is hell bent on getting revenge on the man that killed her, while Bayleigh is a lingerie store owner who is just trying to move on from being stood up at the alter and dealing with insecurities that her ex left her with. It’s lust at first sight for both of them and despite the danger surrounding him Cade starts an affair with Bayleigh and decides to use her as bait to draw out his enemies but doesn’t expect to fall in love with Bayleigh in the process. It is a read that will grip you from the start and keep you hanging on to the very end and it is extremely sexy and will have you panting and wanting more. If you have not read this then you should get on that right now!

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