Knotted Roots by Ruthie Kight

I just finished this book and it was like riding an emotional roller coaster : it was frustrating, happy and sad all at once. Roxi the main character is sent to live with a grandma she had only ever met once while her parents go through a divorce and Roxi is not thrilled about being shipped off to leave the glamorous pampered life she lives behind. I have to be honest at first I couldnt stand Roxi I totally just wanted to give up on her and just walk away she was so frustrating with how she was on her woo is me trip and how she treated everyone but I am so glad I didnt yes she was still frustrating throughout the book I wanted to slap her but she had her good and funny moments too. And then she had her moments that really tested her and her strength as a person. Now only one book has ever made me truely cry before when I read it but this book brought tears to my eyes it is so well written you feel as if you are one of the characters going through what Roxi is going through so thank you Ruthi Kight for bringing these characters to life and telling their story so beautifully I will be recommending this book to others.


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