Make Me Stay by Ella Jade

“I dont want to go all Dom on you now, baby, but I need words…”

In make me stay you meet Gracie a natarul submissive and Cade a reluctent Dom.
Cade dumps Gracie for fear he will hurt her and when he does she goes and meets a master who teaches her how to be a better submissive for Cade after two years she shows up at Cades office determined to proove to him that he cant hurt her and they are meant to be, but she is keeping a secret from Cade that when it comes to light may just destroy all the progress theyve made in rekindling their relationship. Is Cade strong enough to look past the secret Gracie has or will he walk out on her again?

Got your attention? well good because this was a super sweet and sexy as hell read and if you havent read it yet you are missing out. Ella Jade has (for me at least) brought two characters to life who I could totally relate with and understand what they were each going through and I found myself wanting to crawl into the book to try to help them on their ways. I cant wait for more stories like this from Mrs.Jade.


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