Should’ve Known Better by Cassandra Carr

This book is about a math geek who loves hockey and lands the dream job working
for the NHL, Sarah Jenkins, and a fun loving easy going hockey player for the
Buffalo Storm, Sebastian St. Amant. Sebastian falls instantly for Sarah but she
is unable to trust men because of what happened to her in her past. I had a
love/hate relationship with Sarah on one hand she is super sweet and amazingly
tough but on the other hand it drove me nuts how much she was denying her
feelings for Sebastian, because I madly fell in love with Sebastian he’s young,
handsome, speaks French and plays hockey what more could you ask for. I found
myself getting frustrated with Sarah when he did and wanting so badly for things
to work out for them. Then when Sebastian goes through that whole ordeal and
ended up changing and not for the better I was so sad I wanted to just give him
the biggest hug and help him through it, but in the end Sarah came back strong
and was able to rectify a wrong and save a wonderful thing between them that had
me squealing with joy. I loved this book and can’t wait to read more from this
team, like maybe reading about Rob or Ricky and seeing if they get the happy
endings they deserve. This will most definitely not be the last thing I read by
Cassandra Carr she is an amazing author with amazing stories to tell and I’m
eager to hear more. A definite must read!


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