The Book Waitress Series Volume One by Deena Remial

This has The Book Waitress, Devil Du Jour and Demon A La Mode all in one what
more could you ask for. They were three wonderfully and intriguingly written
novellas and I LOVED them. I related so well with Camille and how she is
socially awkward and so strong willed and determined, she’s a lot stronger than
what she believes herself to be. If you haven’t read this book yet then you
really should it’s engaging and the characters are wonderful and easy to love,
especially JaxSynn *Swoons*, Deena had me feeling like I was right there with
Camille helping her in her time of need and I am so excited to see what happens
with Camille and Derek and JaxSynn. There are some corky one liners in there as
well that will have you laughing as well all in all this is one read you don’t
want to miss out on!


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