Should’ve Known Better by Cassandra Carr

This book is about a math geek who loves hockey and lands the dream job working
for the NHL, Sarah Jenkins, and a fun loving easy going hockey player for the
Buffalo Storm, Sebastian St. Amant. Sebastian falls instantly for Sarah but she
is unable to trust men because of what happened to her in her past. I had a
love/hate relationship with Sarah on one hand she is super sweet and amazingly
tough but on the other hand it drove me nuts how much she was denying her
feelings for Sebastian, because I madly fell in love with Sebastian he’s young,
handsome, speaks French and plays hockey what more could you ask for. I found
myself getting frustrated with Sarah when he did and wanting so badly for things
to work out for them. Then when Sebastian goes through that whole ordeal and
ended up changing and not for the better I was so sad I wanted to just give him
the biggest hug and help him through it, but in the end Sarah came back strong
and was able to rectify a wrong and save a wonderful thing between them that had
me squealing with joy. I loved this book and can’t wait to read more from this
team, like maybe reading about Rob or Ricky and seeing if they get the happy
endings they deserve. This will most definitely not be the last thing I read by
Cassandra Carr she is an amazing author with amazing stories to tell and I’m
eager to hear more. A definite must read!

Beauty Touched the Beast and Beneath the Beauty by Skye Warren

These are the first two books in her Beauty series and they are short and sweet reads> I fell in love with both Erin and Blake they are wonderful characters and I cant wait to keep reading more about these two and their blossoming love for each other. I would recommend that if you have not yet read these two books that you should.

My review of Light Him Up by Candice Terry

<a href=”” style=”float: left; padding-right: 20px”><img alt=”Light Him Up:Short Story” border=”0″ src=”” /></a><a href=””>Light Him Up:Short Story</a> by <a href=””>Candice Terry</a><br/>
<br /><br />
Krischa thought she’d found the perfect guy the night the hot dark haired blue eyed stranger walked into the club only to find out she may have met the devil himself. After 10 years of being used and abused Krischa decides she can’t let her life end this way and it might be time to show him just how dangerous an angry southern woman can be.<br />I would have to give this book an even 3 star because it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t amazing either it did however draw me in and keep me reading it. Although while I was reading I kept thinking of the movie The Burning Bed and that is most defiantly what this book reminds me of. It’s a well written book and has a very strong character in Krischa but throughout it especially towards the end all I kept thinking about was the movie and how I’ve heard this story before just with a much different ending on how things played out for Krischa. Despite the resemblance to The Burning Bed it was a good read and it would be something I would recommend to others.
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Christmas in Venice by Meadow Taylor

“Olivia’s Christmas trip to Venice, Italy, should be a holiday dream come true. But when her unattended luggage becomes the focus of a handsome Italian policeman’ s bomb investigation, she worries she won’t even make it out of the Marco Polo Airport. Practically handcuffed to the best-looking man she’ s ever seen, can Olivia convince him she isn’ t a terrorist before he writes her off for good? Christmas in Venice is the perfect little treat to start the holidays off with a smile.

(This short story is adapted from Meadow Taylor’ s next full-length novel, tentatively titled Midnight in Venice.)”

This was a short and sweet story I really enjoyed and the end leaves it open for either Mrs. Taylor to continue with the characters or for you to use your imagination on what you might want for the characters. This is a definite to-read book if you have not yet read it I feel you will enjoy as much as I did.

Below is the link were you can go to get the book if you choose. Happy Reading!

Shelter From the Strom by Patricia Ryan

“A 24-page story from The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, 2011, plus excerpts from
contemporary romance/women’s fiction novels by Patricia Ryan. When a handsome
stranger rescues Maryann from a storm, she let him think she’s a prostitute. A
night of abandoned, no-strings lovemaking might be just what the jilted
schoolteacher needs—if only she can keep from falling for her sexy rescuer.”

Ok this book had some steamy love scenes in it I’m not so sure I liked the way they met it was a little strange because he thinks she’s a prostitute and she plays along with it but yet the author gave a little bit of background on Maryann and from what I got from it was she’s a kindergarten teacher who has only been with one man and is timid and a little shy when it comes to sexual encounters and it just didn’t seem like pretending to be a prostitute and then instantly sleeping with the stranger who saved her from  the hail storm is something Maryann would do so it kind of put me off a little for this book.

Again below is the link were you can go to get the book if you wish to read it and see for yourself how you feel about the book. Happy reading!