Dane by Liliana Hart

I just finished reading Dane by Liliana Hart this book is the first one in her Mackenzie Family series and it is Dane and Charlotte’s story and basically Dane left her 10 years prior and is now back in their hometown of Surrender, Montana to win her back. Now for the most part I did enjoy this book and do plan on reading the others in the series but for me it was a little short and Charlotte was really quick to figure Dane for breaking her heart and leaving her 10 years ago for me that just seems way to easy and I think there should have been a little more to go on in the story because they are both strong characters and it would have made a great full-length novel. Now would I recommend this book to someone? Yes I would. I just wish it could have been a little more to the story. Below I posted the amazon.com web page were you can go to get this book if you wish to read it and find out for yourself Dane and Charlottes story. Happy Reading!